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The Childcare @ Chuckles

The Academy for Early Childhood Education and Development Studies at “M.A.T.E.S.” brought forth the idea of creating an environment which stimulates the child to learn things through activities with more emphasis on the theory of what a child enjoys the most will learn fast sans applying any formal methods of education (Applicable to only for Pre Nursery Age). This is the way people who weren’t exposed to the world of structured learning and formal ways of education have adapted and excelled. This method takes help from the mother nature in nurturing a child in sensorial, gross motor and fine motor skills.

The Idea progressed with years of research and effort for over a decade in addressing the current requirements of the parents in search of the best learning place which gives value for money and assist achieve their younger ones to climb the ladder of “parallel excellence” simultaneously along with academic programs and allow them to pursue few extracurricular, co-curricular activities making the kids to be competent enough to face today’s challenging world.

Childcare at “Chuckles” has more than mere Day Care and have elements to make the kid’s time fruitful and productive with a gamut of skill based learnings.

PoSH ™ – Program PoSH is an after school programs aimed for children aged 01 to 12 Years.

Please contact your neighborhood center for more information on these programs.