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About Chuckles Playschool

Welcome ! Thanks for visiting the web center of Chuckles Playschool. A distinct playschool brand from “M.A.T.E.S. Education Group”, A group whose vision is to bring the world class education to our very neighbourhoods.

In today’s fast changing world we, as parents are running short of time to get what really we want for our kids and at the same time we want our children to follow our own culture rather any foreign systems except in technological advancements and critical thinking. In this context our founding team has researched and designed a ground breaking methodology framework for a new curriculum for the Nursery and Kindergarten kids. The underline theme of the methodology is “Indian at Heart, International at will”.

The uniqueness of this methodology is that it stresses on Being Indian in every aspect of life. The curriculum is designed per open source component which means learning the best things from the world and still ensure that our value system stays intact while we inculcate the right habits in our growing kids.

There is a conscious effort made in bringing all aspects of early childhood education and child psychology in the core whilst in essence the pedagogy remains aligned with the theme. Once your kid goes thru this curriculum, You will witness the curriculum is not just an extension or replica of western content instead it stands up to your expectations as a parent.