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What is Global life and Global citizen?

A global citizen is somebody who sees themselves as part of an emerging sustainable world community. And global life is all about the life in the context of this world as a one community where everybody learns to think and learn to live beyond boundaries, countries and adopt a mindset to lead life in an interconnected world with multiple cultures, customs and varied beliefs. A child who is going to be a part of this era shall have a sound idea on how one can be responsible citizen and can contribute to the world we live in today.

Nurturing New Generation of Global Leaders?

Our aim is to better prepare the new generation for the challenges and opportunities for this competitive world. It’s a total development for the child instilling the right techniques per his/ her unique style and requirements, as they have fun they learn and grow with a great understanding of things around them. By setting examples, by leading in a particular space and pursuing interest in any of the forms that this world needs are pretty much areas of exploration for our kids.

The Advantage of “Chuckles” Curriculum

We find early learning education is revolutionary and truly believed in its capability in nurturing the child with a gamut of learning outcomes and laying strong foundation for life in a global scenario. Our founding team has researched and outlined a curriculum methodology which can be said as need of the hour for the kids from India. Indian parents look forward to their new generation to inherit the cultural importance and expect their successors to take this for next generations in life. With this very basic thought the founding team has designed the underlying theme for the curriculum “Indian at Heart; International at Will”.