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Curriculum Overview

“Chuckles Playschool” is different in many ways from any preschool you have in your neighborhoods today. The Curriculum at”Chuckles Playschool” emphasizes on being a true global citizen by nurturing the kid to be Indian in essence by creating a “Cultural Quotient” with fun unlimited activities and allowing his /her early years of learning remains strong by providing a solid foundation in education.

The methodology is based on best theories and principles from the world renowned early childhood education thinkers and revolutionists encompassing world’s best play way methods designed as per the Indian preschool parent aspirations. The curriculum design meets requirements from Early Childhood Education Curriculum Framework from India. The beauty of the methodology is easy to implement and fun to follow for the kids as well teachers in day to day learning.

We have ensured that the experience of your kid at “Chuckles Playschool” will be inspirational and encouraging for a lifetime learning, in design it has all aspects to meet the learning requirements of the kids in new millennium.

Why Chuckles Playschool For Your Kid

  1. The ground breaking methodology designed with age appropriateness to enhance the fun and learn element for young learners until first 6 years of age
  2. Experiential learning with best pedagogical techniques employed for achieving gross motor, fine motor skills and all rounded child development
  3. Based on research and analogy taken from world’s best early childhood thinkers and scientists till date Designed with the background theme “Indian @ Heart; International @ Will”
  4. The first open source methodology giving cultural importance in every day’s life of the child
  5. Our proprietary curriculum design is all about more activities with more fun Every Day!
  6. Emphasizes on child’s overall learning outcome and aims at holistic development
  7. Committed in nurturing the kid into a responsible global citizen for tomorrow